Nnamdi signs with………….

Where will Nnamdi go?

After all the speculations of where Nnamdi will go I have this feeling stirring in my gut that the outcome will be one that will catch all off guard. I predict that he will sign with……. THE RAIDERS! The reasons are as follows. 1. Teams are making it rain on free agents from left to right but yet Nnamdi is still a free agent. 2. The Raiders haven’t made a move yet to sign a free agent and we all know the Raiders make at least one splash per year in free agency. 3. The money that is believed to be in the range of signing him is the $10-$14 Million( per year) range and that is cheaper than what the Raiders paid last year let alone what they would of had to pay him if he had at least one INT last year.
We know that the Jets want him along with the 49ers (Houston Texans removed from the Nnamdi sweepstakes). I don’t think he is interested in the 49ers for the fact that why would you go from 8-8 to 6-10 when the reasoning behind resigning with the Raiders two years ago was the light at the end of the tunnel not slipping into darkness?
So all in all it should come down to the Jets and Raiders with the Raiders favorites in the Nnamdi sweepstakes due to substance and loyalty that Nnamdi has. I would hate for him to make the Tiki barber mistake and leave a team one year too soon…….


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